Departments participating in the IBiS Graduate Program include:

Molecular Biosciences

The Department of Molecular Biosciences provides state-of-the-art research space and facilities for basic research, and fosters cooperative interactions among the faculty for endeavors such as the submission of instrumentation, facilities and training grants; team teaching at the graduate and undergraduate levels; and recruitment of graduate and undergraduate students and new faculty.

BME: Biomedical Engineering

The biomedical engineering community at Northwestern University is centered in the Biomedical Engineering Department but includes faculty appointed in other departments within the Schools of Engineering, Medicine, Arts, and Sciences, and Communications. The breadth of our faculty members' research interests affords students a wide variety of research opportunities.

ChBE: Chemical and Biological Engineering

The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering is nationally recognized for its leadership in modern engineering research and education at the intersection of technology and the chemical, physical & life sciences. Our goal is to provide students with tools, experience, and adaptability to prosper throughout their careers.


The Department of Chemistry offers Ph.D. programs in the fields of analytical, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry as well as biochemistry and chemical physics. Much of our current research cuts across boundaries to include fields such as archaeological, bioorganic, bioinorganic, biophysical, catalytic, medicinal, and solid-state chemistry.


The Department of Neurobiology faculty pursue advanced research in the areas of sensory physiology, developmental neurobiology, cellular neurophysiology, reproductive biology, neurodegenerative disease, and circadian biology. Neurobiology also supports the Biological Imaging Facility (BIF), a shared use and training center for microscopy and imaging analysis. The department is dedicated to teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Students work alongside faculty and postdoctoral fellows to learn sound research skills and to prepare for successful careers in science and medicine.