Genetics, Genomics, and Quantitative Biology

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The research in Genetics, Genomics and Quantitative Biology uses multi-scale genetic approaches to measure and dissect the molecular basis of life. Scientists in these fields use both classical genetic and cutting-edge genomic techniques, coupled with molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology and quantitative modeling to study a variety of biological questions.

The groups in this concentration use a number of different model systems and seek to understand distinct fundamental aspects of biology.  Such complementary approaches and perspectives fuel robust interactions and collaborations between groups.

The training in this concentration is broad and consists of interdisciplinary education through research, specialized courses in advanced topics, and integration of several disciplines, and often involves collaborative efforts between preceptors from various fields. Recommended specialized courses include Advanced Eukaryotic Molecular Biology, Principles and Methods in Systems Biology, Genetics and Epigenetics, Statistics for Life Sciences, and Quantitative Biology.

Some of the research and training efforts of faculty in this concentration are coordinated through the Center for Cell and Developmental Systems Biology, which supports understanding multicellularity from a molecular, cellular and systems perspective. Depending on the specific research topic, outstanding students in this concentration may be nominated for support by the Biotechnology Training Program or the Cellular and Molecular Basis of Disease Training Program.

Biotechnology Training Program

Cellular and Molecular Basis of Disease Training Program

Faculty List

Luis Amaral

Luís Amaral, PhD 
Research Interests: Integrative approach to modeling cellular signaling pathways

Katherine Amato

Katherine Amato, PhD 
Research Interests: Biological Anthropology

Erik Andersen

Erik Andersen, PhD
Research Interests: Genetics and genomics of complex traits

Xiaomin Bao

Xiaomin Bao, PhD 
Research Interests: Epigenomic regulation of stem cell maintenance and differentiation

Shelby Blythe

Shelby Blythe, PhD 
Research Interests: Developmental control of chromatin structure & embryo pattern formation

Rosemary Braun

Rosemary Braun, PhD 
Research Interests: Computational biology at multiple scales

Jason Brickner

Jason Brickner, PhD 
Research Interests: Cell biology of transcription

Linda Broadbelt headshot

Linda Broadbelt, PhD
Research Interests: Metabolic network analysis and kinetic modeling

Richard Carthew headshot

Richard Carthew, PhD
Research Interests: Quantitative and systems biology

Marco Gallo headshot

Marco Gallio, PhD
Research Interests: Processing of temperature stimuli in the brain

Erica Hartmann, PhD

Erica Hartmann, PhD
Research Interests: Effect of anthropogenic chemicals on microbes in the environment

Curt Horvath headshot

Curt Horvath, PhD
Research Interests: Signal transduction and gene regulation in innate immune responses to cancer and viruses

Michael Jewett headshot

Michael Jewett, PhD
Research Interests: Engineering cell-free systems for medicine, biotechnology and synthetic biology

Neil Kelleher headshot

Neil Kelleher, PhD
Research Interests: Top-down proteomics, natural products discovery, chromatic oncobiology, and computational proteomics

Carole LaBonne

Carole LaBonne, PhD 
Research Interests: Stem cells, gene regulatory networks and the evolution of vertebrates

Keara Lane

Keara M. Lane, PhD
Research Interests: Dynamic single-cell profiling of host-pathogen interactions

Joshua Leonard

Joshua Leonard, PhD
Research Interests: Engineering cellular systems and biomolecules for immunotherapy, synthetic biology, and biotechnology

Shu Liu headshot

Shu Q. Liu, PhD
Research Interests: Molecular regenerative engineering for enhancing endothelial cell retention & reducing intimal hyperplasia in arterial substitutes

Niall Mangan

Niall M. Mangan, PhD
Research Interests: Data-driven mathematical modeling for understanding complex systems

Madhav Mani

Madhav Mani, PhD
Research Interests: Physical biology of organisms

John Marko headshot

John F. Marko, PhD
Research Interests: Protein-DNA interactions, and chromosome structure and dynamics


Andrew Miri

Andrew Miri, PhD
Research Interests: Neural mechanisms of motor system function

Richard Morimoto

Richard I. Morimoto, PhD
Research Interests: Cell stress responses, molecular chaperones and protein conformational disease

Christian Petersen

Christian P. Petersen, PhD
Research Interests: Molecular and cellular basis of regeneration

Danielle Tullman headshot

Danielle Tullman-Ercek, PhD
Research Interests: Engineering of membrane proteins and protein membranes

Fred Turek

Fred W. Turek, PhD
Research Interests: Sleep and circadian rhythms

Keith Tyo headshot

Keith E.J. Tyo, PhD
Research Interests: Microbial engineering

Alec Wang

Xiaozhong (Alec) Wang, PhD
Research Interests: Genetic analysis of protocadherin diversity in the central nervous system

Eric Weiss headshot

Eric Weiss, PhD
Research Interests: Signaling pathways in the control of cell architecture

yue yang

Yue Yang, PhD
Research Interests: Epigenetic programming of neural circuits