Synthetic & Chemical Biology

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Synthetic & Chemical Biology unifies the disciplines of chemistry, biology, engineering and computational science. Research in this area focuses on the development of fundamental molecular health sciences required to understand life processes, from the level of the single molecule to the human being. The research and training efforts of faculty in this concentration are coordinated through the Chemistry of Life Processes Institute. Research opportunities in this concentration integrate many disciplines and involve collaborative efforts between preceptors from various fields.

Chemistry of Life Processes Training Program

Faculty List

Vadim Backman headshot

Vadim Backman, PhD
Research Interests: Imaging for non-invasive screening, diagnosis and detection of disease, biological and bioengineered tissue

Brian Hoffman headshot

Brian Hoffman, PhD
Research Interests: Long-range interprotein electron transfer, ENDOR of metalloenzymes

Michael Jewett headshot

Michael Jewett, PhD
Research Interests: Engineering cell-free systems for medicine, biotechnology, and synthetic biology

Neha Kamat

Neha Kamat, PhD
Research Interests: Artificial cell/protocell models, membrane biophysics, emergent behaviors from synthetic membranes, membrane stress-sensing

Neil Kelleher headshot

Neil Kelleher, PhD
Research Interests: Top-down proteomics, natural products discovery, chromatic oncobiology, and computational proteomics

Sinan Keten

Sinan Keten, PhD
Research Interests: Molecular modeling, adhesive and structural proteins, bioinspired materials

Yevgenia Kozorovitskiy

Yevgenia Kozorovitskiy, PhD
Research Interests: Synaptic and circuit development in the basal ganglia

Joshua Leonard

Joshua Leonard, PhD
Research Interests: Engineering cellular systems and biomolecules for immunotherapy, synthetic biology, and biotechnology

Julius Lucks

Julius Lucks, PhD
Research Interests: Unraveling the RNA sequence/structure/function code for biology, medicine, and biotechnology

Niall Mangan

Niall M. Mangan, PhD
Research Interests: Data-driven mathematical modeling for understanding complex systems

Thomas Meade headshot

Thomas J. Meade, PhD
Research Interests: Bioinorganic coordination chemistry, biological molecular imaging, transcription factor inhibitors, and electronic biosensors

Richard Morimoto

Richard I. Morimoto, PhD
Research Interests: Cell stress responses, molecular chaperones, and protein conformational disease

Heather Pinkett

Heather Pinkett, PhD
Research Interests: Membrane proteins; emphasizing the structure & function of membrane-embedded transporters & their regulation mechanisms

Amy Rosenzweig

Amy Rosenzweig, PhD
Research Interests: Structure, function, and mechanism of metalloproteins and metalloenzymes

Karl Scheidt headshot

Karl A. Scheidt, PhD
Research Interests: Drug discovery, bioorganic chemistry, and small molecule-driven chemical biology

Evan Scott headshot

Evan A. Scott, PhD
Research Interests: Development of immunoengineering tools that can achieve rationally designed immunomodulation

Richard Silverman headshot

Richard B. Silverman, PhD
Research Interests: Medicinal, bioorganic, and enzyme chemistry

Danielle Tullman-Ercek

Danielle Tullman-Ercek, PhD
Research Interests: Engineering of membrane proteins and protein membranes

Keith Tyo headshot

Keith E.J. Tyo, PhD
Research Interests: Microbial engineering

Alec Wang

Xiaozhong (Alec) Wang, PhD
Research Interests: Genetic analysis of protocadherin diversity in the central nervous system

Eric Weiss headshot

Eric Weiss, PhD
Research Interests: Signaling pathways in the control of cell architecture