Xiaomin Bao Gene regulation of human adult stem cell maintenance, tissue regeneration & disease

Research Interests

The majority of life-threatening cancers originated from epithelial tissue, a type of self-renewing somatic tissue that covers the surfaces and cavities of all human organs. Leveraging the human skin epidermis as a highly accessible research platform for integrating multi-disciplinary technologies (genomics, proteomics, imaging, and genetics), we seek to uncover new molecular mechanisms governing adult stem cell maintenance, tissue regeneration, and disease pathogenesis.

Selected Publications

CDK9 activity switch associated with AFF1 and HEXIM1 controls differentiation initiation from epidermal progenitors. Lloyd SM, Leon DB, Brady MO, Rodriguez D, McReynolds MP, Kweon J, Neely AE, Blumensaadt LA, Ho PJ, and Bao X. Nature Communications. 2022 July 29;13:4408.

Epidermal progenitors suppress GRHL3-mediated differentiation through intronic polyadenylation promoted by CPSF-HNRNPA3 collaboration. Chen X, Lloyd SM, Kweon J, Gamalong GM, and Bao X. Nature Communications. 2021 January 19;12:448.

Unwinding chromatin at the right places: how BAF is targeted to specific genomic locations during development. Ho PJ, Lloyd SM, and Bao X. Development. 2019 September 30;146(19):178780.

CSNK1a1 Regulates PRMT1 to Maintain the Progenitor State in Self-Renewing Somatic Tissue. Bao X, Siprashvili Z, Zarnegar BJ, Shenoy RM, Rios EJ, Nady N, Qu K, Mah A, Webster DE, Rubin AJ, Wozniak GG, Tao S, Wysocka J, and Khavari PA. Developmental Cell. 2017 October 23;43(2):227-239.e5.

A novel ATAC-seq approach reveals lineage-specific reinforcement of the open chromatin landscape via cooperation between BAF and p63Bao X, Rubin AJ, Qu K, Zhang J, Giresi PG, Chang HY, and Khavari PA. Genome Biology. 2015 December 18;16(1):284.

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