Graduation Checklist

When you are ready to schedule your final exam (a.k.a. defense), here are the steps you need to take (not necessarily in this order):

  1. Check Graduate School deadlines for submission of Application for a Degree (submitted online through the Graduate Student Tracking System) and dissertation.
  2. Schedule your defense with your committee and inform Cathy Prullage in the IBiS office of your defense date.
  3. After you have defended your thesis, return the signed "Committee Report on Examination of Candidate for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy" form to the IBiS Program Office.
  4. Schedule your Thesis Seminar in consultation with Cathy Prullage at least two weeks prior to your preferred presentation date. The thesis seminar is the third component of your thesis examination. Thesis seminars are held in Cook 3118 on Fridays at 3:00. The Program Office will help you to promote the event.
  5. Submit your thesis (see TGS guidelines).
  6. Return the signed "Certificate of Careful Editing" form to the IBiS Program Office.
  7. Schedule an exit interview with the IBiS Associate Director before you leave campus. Please bring with you a completed Contact Information  Sheet.
  8. Contact your advisor's department's financial assistant to let them know when you will be leaving.

For more information, please refer to the IBiS Program Guide or contact the IBiS Program Office.


  1. You and your family are cordially invited to the IBiS Graduation Reception in June on Northwestern University's Commencement Day.
  2. Consider joining the following groups on the professional networking site"Alumni and Grads of IBiS PhD Program at Northwestern University" and the BioOpps group "Northwestern University BioOpps."