Diversity & Inclusion

researcher in IBiS lab

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Mission Statement: IBiS students conduct their doctoral research across two schools and multiple departments at Northwestern University. Therefore, IBiS students have varied experiences while pursuing their PhD relating to the specific lab and department where they conduct their research. The IBiS graduate program is the primary advocate to help students navigate personal and professional experiences during their PhD studies. The IBiS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee has been formed to ensure a consistent, supportive, and equitable experience for all IBiS students. To holistically represent the culture and community of IBiS, the IBiS DEI committee will include IBiS staff, students, and faculty from multiple constituent departments. This composition will allow the DEI committee to facilitate communication across IBiS-affiliated entities and ensure open communication exists to support all IBiS students. Working with multiple stakeholders in the Northwestern community, the IBiS DEI committee will seek to proactively create an environment that supports a diverse community and rejects harmful ideologies. 

Diversity is essential for continued scientific innovation, and graduate programs are the key to diversifying the scientific community. As an interdisciplinary graduate program, IBiS is uniquely situated to serve diverse students on a variety of career trajectories and, in doing so, shape the future generation of leaders in the scientific community. To complement departmental committees, the IBiS DEI committee will function as a student-focused committee to foster an inclusive, healthy, and equitable training environment driven by student ideas and concerns. The IBiS DEI committee will focus its efforts on recruiting, serving, and supporting IBiS students of diverse identities related, but not limited, to race, socio-economic background, religion, sexual orientation, gender, culture, nationality, ability, and educational background. Through these efforts, the committee will prioritize empowering diverse students to pursue their professional goals as their authentic selves, ultimately enriching the broader scientific community.

The committee is made up of IBiS preceptors, staff, and students.